Owl Engineering:

Owl Engineering has been in business doing product design and development for over 30 years. Owl’s skills are primarily in the mechanical area but Owl is also able to undertake electro-mechanical design projects as well as opto-mechanical design projects.
During our 30 plus years of existence we have worked in many different fields with an emphasis on medical products, photographic products, and sporting goods products. We have had a number significant successes including the design and development of the first safety trocar, the design and development of the Boa Technology lacing system, the design and development of the JackRack, and design of the 36 Cube Think Fun puzzle.

Peter Costa:

Peter is a co-founder of Owl engineering and as such as been with Owl since its inception. Prior to Owl he spent many years at Polaroid Corporation in their consumer products design group, and also spent time at a start-up disc drive company. Peter brings strong design creativity to any project and has keen ability to visualize design solutions and design issues from the early stages of any project. Owl has enabled him to apply these skills to the design and development of many products over the years across a broad range of industries. Peter is the holder of 14 US patents.

Chris Holmes:

Chris has been at Owl for the past 15 years. Prior to Owl he spent 15 years at Polaroid Corporation. At Polaroid he worked primarily in the Industrial Products division’s working on products such as driver’s license systems, digital scanners, and cameras, as well as medical printers. He spent time in both the design side of the business and the manufacturing side of the business. At Owl he has worked on a wide range of product ideas across a broad spectrum of industries. His focus is on designing and manufacturing products that do what they are intended to do, are easy to put together, and are reliable in the field.